squamish_JT_Huck2011 Guide Bike Check - JT Huck

Jamie has been with us for a while now and always impresses us with his relaxed flow on a bike.

JT has also been out and about filming and shooting with various photographers over the last couple of seasons. Most notably slotting into the FastFokus - Be Careful webisode and shooting with Jordan Manley for BBB's recent MBUK articles.

Jamie's super smooth on a bike, but ride hard and rides a lot!

In 2011 JT logged 68 days and 328 individual scans on the Whistler bike park alone this year. Based on actual location scans thats a whopping 113,569m (113km) or 383,971ft (73miles) of elevation he's ridden down.
This does not include unscanned rides up Garbo, shuttle days in Squamish or North Van, or even his trip to Europe for the worlds OR even the current season of riding over in New Zealand

In 2010, it was a huge 87 Days and 507 scans on his previous Voltage FR!

To put that into perspective, solely on the bike park, he's effectively taken that bike well up into space and ridden back down again.  

Did he break anything descending over 100km of bike park trails? Not a single thing!



Scott Voltage FR Frameset with DHX RC4
Fox 40RC2 Kashima (36 Float 160 for mor fun duties)
DT Swiss FR2050
Magura Louise 203/203
Continental Der Kaiser 2.5
Shimano Saint Drivetrain

Gravity GAP Crankset
Gravity Seatpost
Gravity Light Stem
Gravity Light Bars
Gravity Light Grips

Straightline Pedals

Voltage Fr - Season end

What servicing do our guide bikes take?

Our guides are pretty good. They like to be proactive as down time with a bike is no good for anyone.

Mid season stripped, greased and rebuilt frame pivots and bearings.

40 Fork seals and oil get swapped every 3-4 weeks

6 sets of brake pads

4 sets of tires.

In all, is there a bike thats this much fun, can take this much abuse and keep on working like its new?