Our emergency number is +1 604 932 2305

Whistler Guidied riding requests - 1 604 932 2305

Contact BBBOriginally we established as a UK limited registered company but have since consolidated all our operations under our Canadian incorporation.

Below are our contact details, but due to time differences, our email a call back option is the best bet. We want to make sure you get your questions answered and the info you need - as such, its best to have a chat with us!

Please remember when calling we are in Pacific time (GMT-8hr) in Canada, 8hrs different to the UK and 4 hours to East coast USA. Also during the winter we hold down full time jobs that don’t always allow us to answer, leave a message and good time to call back we will try and accommodate, even better send an email and we will respond as soon as possible


Bear Back Biking Ltd

3229 Archibald Way
Whistler, BC

North America:  1 866 556 4900
International: +1 604 932 2305

Business No. 811402619


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