guiding west sideGuiding

A guide is a qualified professional who shows the way by leading, directing or advising.
We've put the years in and seen it all, we want to show you the time of your life on every ride.
Each trip that we embark on from the moment we meet to the time we say goodbye will be an unforgettable experience.

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coaching whistlerCoaching

A coach is a private tutor who instructs, teaches and develops a rider.
We have the best coaches at all levels to teach you skills from beginner to racer. Everything is possible with an experienced coach and time dedicated to develop your riding skills.
We know the best practice areas and our coaching method gives you the knowledge to keep challenging yourself after the session.

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Legal Note - British Columbia requires that commercial operators are required to obtain a Tenure to operate a for-fee guiding service on govermnet owned (crown) land.
Bear Back Biking are the ONLY company in Whistler holding a commercial mountain bike guiding tenure.

BBB are also fully insured to operate guided mountain biking activities.
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